Often my assignments take me to places I've not been.  New environments, new people, new stories.  My goal: to make the camera disappear.  To put the viewer where I am, immersed in these places as if they are there.


SAGE Advice - Part 1

For more than 20 years a group of northwest seniors finds Maranatha to be the “go to” for meaningful mission trips.

Water for the Thirsty

How many hours did you walk today for water? Shot in Zimbabwe, I directed and lensed this show recently with Thomas Lloyd. Written and edited by Christina Lloyd.


The Randolph Effect

A small town in northern New York gets some visitors.


Women who have been called by God face unending prejudice in many communities of faith. Called is a brief exploration into four faith communities stories as they, for the first time, intersect with women pastors. 

Creating New Horizons

An overcrowded English school in Kerala, India gets a much needed expansion, creating more opportunities for a young Indian population who are now imagining a future of possibilities. 

Vanuatu Excerpt

One of the most beautiful unspoiled places on the planet.